Manipal Hospital Dwarka offers comprehensive solutions to address infertility in couples. Backed by a team of renowned specialists with a track record spanning several decades. We are dedicated to couples in realizing their dream to have a child. We provide treatments for infertility ranging from routine medication to complex surgeries. So, if you are a couple planning a family and feel you need expert medical assistance, rest assured, we are here to help you. Just give us a call or contact us at any of our centers.

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Female Infertility:
Female infertility is a contributing factor in almost half of all infertility cases in couples and usually the first to get addressed considering that women approach their gynecologist and raise the issue early.

Male Infertility:
This is a largely ignored aspect associated with infertility in couples. In fact, the male partner is the sole cause in 40% of all infertile couples and a contributing cause in 20%. Despite the male partner being at least partly responsible in about 60 percent of infertile couples, infertility evaluations have traditionally focused on women because women tend to seek gynaecological care and men often are reluctant to seek advice.

Causes of male infertility range from hormonal disturbances to physical problems to psychological problems and a thorough diagnosis are necessary to determine them. Reasons include low sperm production, poor sperm quality and testicular damage resulting in an inability of the testicle to produce sperm. Manipal Fertility is one of the best male infertility hospitals in India, offering various treatment options to address the issue.

At Manipal Fertility, the core factors for male infertility are diagnosed and treated with a thorough examination. These factors include:

  • ErectileDysfunction
  • PME
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Peyronie's Disease
  • Micro Penis

Allied Services

  • Acupuncture for Fertility
  • Yoga for Pregnancy
  • Nutrition & Diet for Pregnancy

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