A smile is only as good as the teeth that you have. But sometimes there are people who end up being victims of accident that cost their teeth. In order to regain the overall aesthetics of your face, it is imperative to give due attention to your teeth. One of the most popular methods that have been gaining a lot of appreciation and recommendation from the dental treatment Hospitals In India is dental implants. To find out why this has been trending, let us tell you why it is right to go for dental implants:

1.      It can be maintained with ease- The maintenance of any dental implant is the prime concern for everyone. But the dental implants are constructed and placed in such perfection that it becomes easy to maintain the same as natural teeth and do not require much extra care. Along with regular brushing with dentist recommended toothpaste, flossing, and regular checkups in the dental Treatment Hospitals are essential.

2.      Preservation of the jawbone- When you get dentures or bridges, the jawbone remains non-stimulated and this adds all the pressure on the teeth. This lack of stimulation affects the health of the jaw and reduces flexibility. But in the case of dental implants, sufficient stimulation is provided to the jawbone and it remains healthy for a long time. Since the implant is fixed into the jawbone there is no chance of the jawbone being left non-stimulated.

3.      It helps in enhancement of appearance- The dentures and bridges do a fairly good job but they do take some time and alter the appearance of the face to some extent before it fully restores the previous appearance and enhances it. Dental implants are a way to make your teeth look naturally set in place of the missing teeth. This keeps your face youthful and lively.

4.      Relief from additional ointments- The biggest hazard of dentures and bridges are the requirement of ointments and creams to keep them firm in their position. But the implants fixed in the dental treatment Hospitals in India helps you get rid of the same. Posts are used to hold them in place. The implants are connected to the jaw bone as the bone grows around it.

5.      Eating without trouble- Dentures have the risk of slipping out whilst eating certain types of foods. So, the patients are put to certain dietary restrictions to preserve the teeth against certain diets. The wearers have to be extra cautious while eating in public places as they are apprehensive about their dentures coming off. On the other hand, implant wearers don’t have to fret over biting some hard fruits like nuts or chocolate candies as they are more confident and also the convenience and comfort level is enhanced.

6.      No clicking- The clicking noise that the bridges and dentures make can create an awkward situation both for the wearer as well as for those around the patient. This occurs because there is no root to secure it in place. The position in which implants are fixed imitates that of a real tooth. This saves the wearer of the embarrassment due to the clicking sound while eating in public.