A crow's foot is something of an inevitable and unpleasant skin condition due to aging. In this skin condition, there are visible and complex spiky wrinkles radiating from the corner of the eye. This immediately points out as a sign of aging. The giant industry of cosmetics and beauty products regurgitates assorted renditions of the same old promise of “young-looking skin,” “radiant skin tone,” etc.

Unfortunately, most of them have ended up as marketing gimmicks which provide no long-term solution. Thus, a Botox treatment is most sought in the cosmetic surgery Hospitals in India. Many forms of treatment come and go but Botox has still made its mark as the most potent skin treatment method that borderlines surgery.

While it has been used for years as an off-label procedure to treat the eyes, the proven inject-able is now enticing more women and men who may have shied away from the product in the past. So let's figure out why Botox is popular and arguably the best option to treat crow's feet.

The major reason for Botox has to be the results which are near perfect in every case. Outside of having cosmetic surgery, BOTOX is pretty much the most-effective way to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines i.e. the pesky line lines which are formed between the eyebrows. Both crow’s feet and frown lines are dynamic wrinkles, which mean they form as a result of repeated facial movements and expressions. Since these wrinkles are in areas where there’s a lot of movement, fillers are ineffective in providing any type of long-term results. But BOTOX works because it actually stops the muscles from forming lines and wrinkles in the first place.

One of the concerns that have put many people away from trying out is the use of needles that BOTOX involves in the cosmetic surgery Hospitals in India. It must be understood that the needles used in BOTOX treatment are very fine which makes the smallest of incisions.

Another advantage that comes along with BOTOX surgery is the convenience and the amount of safety which it brings to the table. The average time-period which BOTOX treatment takes is no more than 20 minutes. As a 20-year-old technology in the field of cosmetic surgery, it is a long and well-established safety profile, plus the injection techniques and technology have been honed and optimized.

Lastly, Botox treatments check all the boxes when it comes to affordability. With the rise in various medical advancements and availability, this treatment for fixing the crow's feet is no longer exclusive. These injections cost far less than the other elaborate surgical procedures. Botox inhibits the strength by which you can literally iron out the creases in the skin around the eyes. Since the incision point is direct to the area of concern, the effects are fast and the recovery period requires very few precautions and restrictions with regard to aftercare follow-ups.