After a successful knee replacement surgery in India, there is definitely a new ray of hope among the patients who had previously gone through the excruciating pain. All thanks to the modern medical advancements, the knee replacements are made of light material and the surgery too makes the least possible invasions. Nevertheless, there is a protocol to follow with regard to the do’s and don’ts after the knee replacement surgery. Let’s break down the entire sequence in a timeline for a better understanding.


·        24 hours post surgery- Typically the day after surgery, the specialist in the orthopaedic surgery hospitals in Delhi will ask you to stand up and walk a few steps with the help of a cane or walker. If you do stand or walk properly, it indicates that you are likely to make quick progress. Moreover, the pain will be continually monitored and controlled with various pain-relief methods to make sure you are comfortable during your hospital stay. Most patients get discharged when they have their pain under control and they are able to get in and out of bed and walk short distances.


·        Returning home- Patients are quite anxious about their return after the knee replacements surgery and they always insist returning home earlier. Much to their relief, the orthopaedic surgery hospitals in Delhi discharge the patients within a couple of days after the surgery. As a matter of fact, the patients resume normal work six weeks after the surgery. They can also continue their house based exercise program. The exercise focuses on knee range of motion and strengthening exercises to monitor your pain.


·        Resuming work- This depends on the type of job you do. If you do sedentary job, you may be able to return to work four or six weeks after the surgery is executed. However, if your work is associated with labor intensive tasks then the surgeons in the orthopedics surgery Hospitals are likely to chalk out an estimate for time of recovery along with the patient. Depending on the recovery process, this can take up to three to six months.


·        Returning to active lifestyle- Besides the usual movements like walking and moving around from one place to another, there are other activities like swimming, hiking, playing golf etc. These activities have a bearing on the condition of the knees. Therefore, high impact activities are not recommended. If you have any athletic goals to meet, talk about the same with your knee surgeon before the surgery itself.


Knee replacement surgery in India has become not only effective but very economical as well. The surgery costs at least one third less than what it would cost in other countries. Hence, India is now being chosen as the destination to get all the surgical solutions for people of different countries. They are benefiting a lot by the virtue of medical tourism which is being promoted by the health ministry. One can also seek the guidance of surgery planning portals like 3hsurgery in India.