Cancer patients are a vulnerable group to the coronavirus. Due to the disease itself and aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the immune systems are severely weakened. This increases the risk that once the Covid-19 is contracted, this infection will worsen.


Because this virus is completely novel, there is an urgent need to meet the demands that cancer patients have on how they should protect themselves against the coronavirus to avoid getting it. oncology treatment hospitals in India have managed to shed some light on these measures that must be carried out as they are stated.

Washing hands is essential

There has been a lot of emphasis in recent days that one of the ways to reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 infection is by washing your hands with soap and water. In the event that patients are away from home they can also carry a disinfectant gel that allows them to maintain that hygiene.

Is the virus capable of infecting the skin? The answer is no". Handwashing prevents the virus from being spread by touching an infected hand to the eyes or mouth. So, after going to the supermarket, to the pharmacy, to work or to walking the dog, some of the scenarios in which you can go outside as the Government contemplates, it is convenient to wash your hands well.

Household surfaces and objects should be cleaned

When arriving from the street, patients touch the door knobs, the kitchen table, the keys, the mobile phone with their hands. All these elements can be contaminated by the coronavirus and, therefore, must be disinfected. This should be done as long as you go outside.

How and with what products should spaces and surfaces be disinfected to prevent coronavirus?

Cancer patients should not forget other items such as glasses, spoons, forks, cutlery that are shared with others in case they do not live alone. In these cases, it is essential to clean them thoroughly.

The way to do this can be with soap and water, a product such as bleach or some other that has alcohol as one of its ingredients (it is better to have a high concentration such as 70%). As per experts of cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi, cleaning regularly will prevent contagion.

Not being in contact with infected people

This is one of the most important precautions for cancer patients, and that being in contact with people infected or suspected of having Covid-19 can be very risky. Therefore, it is convenient to avoid being near them. If this is not possible, certain precautionary measures should be taken.

Using masks as a protection measure is essential, but also make use of gloves. Cancer patients should use them even when other people do not show obvious symptoms of the disease. So far, it is known that the coronavirus can be asymptomatic.

In addition to all this, cancer patients should avoid going outside unless necessary and not constantly touching their faces. If all these measures are carried out, it is possible to reduce the chances of contagion by coronavirus successfully.

Finally, if you are an oncology patient and have symptoms such as fever, cough, headache and respiratory distress, contact cancer treatment hospitals in India. Indicate your symptoms, describe your illness and detail the treatments you are following. They will take the necessary measures that fit your situation.