First and foremost, we must get a fair sense as to what weight loss surgery is. Weight loss surgery is also known as bariatric surgery, a procedure is done in the bariatric surgery Hospitals in India to help people who are very overweight and can't lose weight on normal diet and exercise plans.

Is it a right surgery for anyone and everyone suffering from weight problems?

Since weight gain and obesity is literally robbing people of their sleep and adding more to their health, bariatric surgery is seen as a magic wand by many. But it has to be understood very well that the surgery is the ultimate resort. Therefore, the bariatric surgery Hospitals recommend this surgery only for people who are grossly overweight. Ideally, the people who weigh over 100 pounds or have failed in their efforts to lose weight become an immediate candidate for weight loss surgery.

Undergoing the bariatric surgery is a critical procedure but the period post-surgery is equally challenging. The first thing to look after is whether or not you have cut off all the excess saggy skin as a result of the dramatic weight loss. Next up is obviously the recovery time which is more than likely to vary from patient to patient. Hence, it could be a little taxing mentally.

What is the yardstick that doctors apply for bariatric surgery?

Figuring out that a person is in need of bariatric surgery immediately might send shock waves for the family especially if the patient is as young as a teenager. As a matter of fact, the patient may also require the assistance of a medical team comprising the general physician, dietitians, exercise specialists, and psychologists for an all-round mentoring and screening prior and after surgery.

Talking specifically of the teens, bariatric surgery is imperative if:

·         The teen is over 14 years old and has already gone through puberty.

·         He/she has a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more. Also, if they are facing serious medical causes like diabetes or sleep apnea.  

·         Their BMI reads 40 or higher with less serious medical problems.

Additionally, the doctors would also check if the patient is healthy enough to have the surgery. Having this assurance done can help weight loss surgery safer and more effective.

Taking the call

It is well understood that the surgery of this scale and significance needs thorough and multiple consultations with the bariatric surgery Hospitals in India to decide if an operation is the best choice. As mentioned before, the psychologists to have a say on the mental preparedness required for the surgery. Some may look for alternative options like choosing a healthier lifestyle, switching to dietary changes and more exercise. But the fact remains that if a surgery is inevitable, it has to be undergone. Moreover, the surgery would be worth all the time spent to improve the obesity conditions. If you still have your concerns about the weight loss surgery, get in touch with the bariatric surgery hospital.