hat is Dental Aesthetics?

Dental Aesthetics is the specialty of Dentistry that aims to improve the person's teeth condition and, with it, their physical appearance. Anyone can undergo these treatments. However, it is essential that one condition is met: that the mouth enjoys health.

That is, if the patient has, for example, caries or periodontal disease (gingivitis or periodontitis) it is necessary to solve this problem and then undergo the aesthetic procedure.

The most demanded treatments of the specialty of Dental Aesthetics are veneers (porcelain or composite), whitening, gingivectomy, and reconstructions.


Dental Aesthetic Treatments

To meet his or her aesthetic goals, this type of treatment must be personalized according to each patient. In this way, the dental department of the hospital will make sure that they are proposing and offering the solution that best suits your needs.

That is, if the case involves the correction of several teeth, the first thing Dental Treatment Hospitals in Indiadois to carry out a facial analysis of the person we are going to treat.

In this way, the dental department will study its features, measures, and proportions. Once this step is taken, they will design the smile, taking into account aspects such as the position, color, shape, and size of the teeth.

With this, the hospital can determine the details of the procedure they are going to perform. 

Dental department will provide the details of the treatments that are carried out in the specialty of Dental Aesthetics:


The veneers are sheets of composite or porcelain that are placed on the visible side of the tooth to improve aspects such as its position, color, size or shape.

To cite only a few examples, the veneers allow correcting separate teeth, crowded, broken, small or yellowish.

The main advantage of aesthetic veneers is that the process from when the patient decides to put them on until they are made and placed is fast. For example, at dental treatment hospitalsin India, the term they give is around three weeks (approx.) for composite veneers and one month (approx.)for porcelain veneers.


The whitening allows clarifying the color of the teeth that have lost their natural target, either by the logical passage of time, the consumption of tobacco or the use of tetracycline. Similar to veneers, whitening is also a treatment with which results are obtained quickly. But, besides, very remarkable changes are achieved in the smile.

The teeth whitening that we carry out in our clinic has a total duration of one month. It consists of a session of the cold light lamp and splints with whitening gel that the patient is placed each night at home.


The gingival aesthetic reconstruction or gingivectomy is a small surgery that is carried out under local anesthesia. It consists of reducing the amount of gum so that it has a harmonious and proportionate size. The operation is minimally invasive and very predictable, so the postoperative period should not present complications.


The reconstructions can be carried out for health reasons, that is, due to caries or fractures, or for aesthetic reasons.

Regarding aesthetic motivations, reconstruction is usually done when you have two teeth slightly separated, or you want to make slight changes in the shape of a tooth.