Delhi, which is known as mini India has one dentist over ten thousand people a survey reveals. Dental problems are most common in India nowadays. As per the article published in the new paper “The Hindu” almost fifty per cent of the Indians are suffering from dental issues. The petty is that only 30% of patients visit the dentist and rest depends on domestic treatment for the life. The most common dental problems that are treated in dental treatment hospitals in Delhi are:

A toothache: This becomes the most common dental problem that can be found in even 7 years old child. Generally, people treat this problem lightly and try to get rid of the initial aches by themselves using some paste, warm water or a common painkiller tablet and hardly visit the dentist. As a result, the minor problem turns into an abscess, which is a more serious problem. People visit the dental clinic once they have worsened the problem unknowingly.

Stained Teeth: It seems awkward if you visit someone with stained teeth. Smoking, food, drugs, tobacco develops a yellow layer on your teeth. A right treatment can get you to ride out the problem. You should visit dental treatment hospitals nearby or bleach your teeth with dental recommended teeth whitening system.

Cavities: It happens when a bacteria called plaque sticks on your teeth and damage the outer layer known as enamel. It makes tiny holes near the edges of the teeth. Even youngsters are suffering from cavities causing tooth decay.

Impacted Teeth: It happens when a tooth sucks against another tooth, bone or tissue. In case a tooth does not come out properly. Generally, you can see many adults with impacted teeth. If the issue is not problematic your dentist will leave it but if yes a right treatment can be given in any dental treatment hospitals.

Cracked Tooth: Little injury or chewing hard things can make your teeth crack. You should visit a dentist, who may put a crown on it to prevent it from further cracking. If your crack tooth suffers from sensitivity, the problem is more complex. If the cracked tooth is above the gum line you may undergo a root canal.

Sensitivity: If cold eatables hit your teeth, it means you may suffer from one or many dental issues. Visit your dentist to know what kind of treatment your teeth required such as filling, root canal or gum treatment.

Hyperdontia: The issue is relating to too many teeth in your mouth. It is a rare disease but a person who is suffering from this may also suffer from a type of a tumor known as cleft palate or Gardner's syndrome. The treatment is to visit a dentist to remove extra teeth and use orthodontics to correct the bite.

A gap between Teeth: It should not bother you but if the gap happens in between your front teeth, you should look for treatment, as it seems awkward. Most of the celebrities such as Eddie Murphy, Eve Myles and Madonna have gaps between teethe. You need to undergo orthodontic treatment. You may also go for cosmetic treatment such as veneers or bonding.

To care for your teeth visit any dental treatment hospital in India. Almost all the hospitals are equipped with the latest instruments and machinery. In general brush, your teeth twice can keep you away from many dental problems.