According to the data available, more than 48 million couples around the world suffer from infertility problems. The fertility treatment hospitals in Delhi reveal that more than 27 million couples in India have a fertility problem. Somewhere both men and women have fertility issues in the ratio of 40% - 50%. Apart from genetic factors some other factors also responsible for infertility in male and female.

What is infertility?

When a man and woman fail to conceive a baby with the natural process is known as infertility.

What are the causes of infertility in male and female?

There are several causes behind infertility.

Causes in Men are:

·       Low Sperm Count: Most of the couple could not conceive the baby because a man ejaculates less sperm. The sperm count under 15 million is considered low.

·       Low Sperm Mobility: The quality of sperm is weak resultant sperm could not reach the egg.

·       Abnormal Sperm: Sometimes sperm has an unusual shape so that it cannot move and fertilize the egg.

·       Medical Condition: If a man suffers from cancer or testicular infection.

·       Hormonal Infection: It happens due to deficiency of testosterone hormone.

·       Genetic factor: Ideally a man should have one x and one y chromosome. But if it carries two x and one y chromosome, he has an abnormal testicle that produces less or zero sperm.

·        Hypospadias: If a man has a urethral opening under the penis rather than on the tip prevent the sperm to reach the female cervix. It can be treated in infancy.

·       Anabolic Steroids: The longer intake of steroids can reduce the sperm count.

Causes in Women are:

·       Ageing: The strength of conceiving reduces after the age of 32.

·       Overweight: It affects both men and women fertility.

·       Mental Stress: The stressful environment reduces the men sperm count and badly affect female ovulation.

·       Exercise: Too much and too less exercise leads to infertility.

·       Modern lifestyle: The modern lifestyle, where everything is just a switch away makes us lazy and inactive cause’s infertility.

·        Eating Habits: Bad eating habits such as excessive intake of junk food and oily food generate fat and other hormonal issues which cause infertility. Apart from that intake of drugs, alcohol and both active & passive smoking reduces the chances of fertility in both men and women.

·       Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Chlamydia leads to damage the fallopian tubes inside women body and causes inflammation to men scrotum. Other STIs also causes infertility.

·       Poor Egg Quality: Eggs may have a genetic abnormality or damaged unable to sustain the pregnancy. The risk increases as women grow in age.

·       Thyroid Gland: When the thyroid gland is imbalanced it causes infertility due to hormonal imbalance.

·       PCOS: Known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome leads to the improper functioning of ovaries which prevent ovulation causes infertility.

Many fertility treatment hospitals in India work actively to provide treatment of infertility for the couples to bless them with parenting. Medically most of the fertility disorders can be treated successfully and remaining depends upon the external factors such as living environment, eating habits and lifestyle.