There are many people who ask us every day about the best option for orthodontic treatment, and the answer is apparently not simple, since it depends on many variables, patient's age, the complexity of their case, the importance that the person gives to the aesthetics and finally the cost that the patient is willing to assume.

Over the years and the growing concern of society for aesthetics, new types of orthodontics have appeared, more focused on the treatment of adults, and much more discreet than traditional metal braces mainly focused on children.

types of orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics with traditional braces

In this process, the dentist include the brackets of all the life, those that are placed in the vestibular part of the teeth (visible face of the tooth). There are three types of metal brackets used mainly in children and adolescents, brackets self-ligating or Damon, and the increasingly popular sapphire brackets due to its unbeatable value for money. Next, we tell you all the characteristics and advantages of each one of them.

Metallic Brackets

These types of brackets are made of metal and have ligatures, so they are not the most aesthetic and recommended brackets for adults, being against a type of orthodontics used mainly in children, who love this type of brackets because they can choose the colors of the rubber bands of the ligatures.

Self-ligating Brackets Damon

Orthodontics with self-ligating brackets is a treatment especially indicated for patients who are in a hurry to achieve faster results. Their main characteristic is that they do not have ligatures, in their defect the brackets carry a species of anchorage that holds the wire arch, achieving a perfect union between both and allowing faster movements in the tooth.

Orthodontics with sapphire brackets

We are facing the most aesthetic option within traditional brackets, and the most recommended for adults given its excellent value for money. The brackets are made of completely transparent sapphire crystal, so they take the color of your tooth and go much more unnoticed than metallic ones.

Types of Invisible Orthodontics

In recent years, very advanced and aesthetic orthodontic techniques have appeared on the market, such as Invisalign and Incognito's lingual orthodontics. The main feature of both is that they are barely visible so that almost nobody will notice that you are carrying an orthodontic appliance.


This treatment consists of a series of transparent splints or aligners, which is changed every fifteen days, achieving with each small splint micro-movements that with the passage of time are placing your teeth to achieve a perfect smile. Another main benefits of Invisalign are that it is removable, you can remove it to eat or to brush your teeth, which makes it the most comfortable and hygienic option of all existing ones.

Lingual Orthodontics

Finally, we have the most advanced and precise option, lingual orthodontics. Like Invisalign, the lingual orthodontics is practically invisible, since it is formed by a series of brackets located on the inside of the teeth so that almost no one will notice the device. The braces are made of gold and are very thin, so they do not disturb the tongue or interfere in speech, although as with any orthodontics they require a time of adaptation on the part of the patient.

Consult your dental treatment hospitals in India to know which treatment option is best suited for you!