The stomach is the focus of life, an indicator of a healthy body and youth. For various reasons, the stomach loses its elastic form over time: as a result of age-related changes, obesity, or childbirth, we lose our former attractiveness. To improve the appearance and raise self-esteem- make a tummy tuck- abdominoplasty.


Abdominoplasty is an operation to tighten the abdomen to restore its aesthetic appearance, which is achieved by removing excess skin and fat. The operation on abdominoplasty is done by both women and men, with its help, they restore the aesthetic forms of the abdomen and body. To learn about the features of the operation to tighten the abdomen in your particular case, our plastic surgeons will help you in a personal consultation.

Preparation for abdominoplasty

The tummy tuck is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries after you have decided on abdominoplasty, you need to pass all the required tests - you can take them both in bariatric surgery hospitals and bring the results of the tests already done. A complete list of analyzes for abdominoplasty can be viewed here or downloaded as a separate file.

Be sure to remember the following points:

        Analyzes must be taken on an empty stomach.

        Results of analyses are valid for 14 days

        MANDATORY: Therapist's conclusion with the results of analyzes.

Abdominoplasty surgery

Operation of abdominoplasty is performed on an empty stomach; a meal is allowed the day before, to 6 pm. In the morning, the patient is examined by a therapist and an anesthesiologist who plans anesthesia. When the therapist and anesthesiologist finish their work, the patient is carefully examined by a plastic surgeon, who marks the incision lines and the volume of skin to be removed. After the marking, nurses perform premedication, which is mandatory in order to prevent complications.

A tummy tuck is performed in a sterile operating room and the patient is under the supervision of doctors all the time. When abdominoplasty is performed, the patient is in a supine position; first, he is given general anesthesia, the state of which is during the entire operation under the supervision of the anesthesiologist, and then the patient is treated with an antiseptic solution and covered with sterile surgical sheets.

Depending on the complexity of the bariatric surgery in India, it takes 4-5 hours on average. After removing excess skin and fat, drainage is established, and cosmetic stitches are applied. For the fastest healing of the suture area, a special bandage is applied on them. After all the above procedures are completed, the patient is removed from anesthesia.

In some cases, as a safety precaution, after an operation on a tummy tuck, the patient spends the night in intensive care under the strict supervision of qualified specialists.

After surgery on abdominoplasty

Depending on the complexity of the surgery performed on the plastic of the abdomen, the patient remains under observation in the department for 1 to 3 days. The adhesive bandage is removed the day after the operation, during the first dressing, at the same time special compression garments are worn, which must be worn within a month after abdominoplasty. One month after the abdominal tightening, the body recovers and the obvious results are noticeable, which can be fully assessed six months after abdominoplasty.

It is worth noting that pain after a tummy tuck is, their degree depends on the characteristics of the body, in any case, the clinic has enough painkillers and our experienced doctors will help you to go through the rehabilitation period in the best way.