The world does not stand still and with it plastic surgery. The canons of beauty are changing rapidly, science and technology are developing, and in parallel, there are new trends in the correction of appearance.

And while breast augmentation and liposuction have long become commonplace, the most agile beauties are already storming the doors of clinics, taking an interest in completely different procedures.


The dimples on the cheeks are now in fashion, and plastic surgeons come to the aid of those whom nature has not rewarded them. Today, many young girls turn to doctors someone wants minor or small dimples, and someone asks for more noticeable ones. How does this happen? A small incision is created on the inner surface of the cheek - in the place where the dimple is located by the surgeons of plastic surgery hospitals in India.

At the incision site, adjacent areas of adipose tissue or the most buccal muscle are excised on the sides. After this, the mucous membrane from the side of the oral cavity is sutured to the skin; a small tissue deficit is created in the right place and, importantly, a commissure is formed between the inner surface of the cheek and the skin itself. Due to this, treasured dimples are formed on the cheeks.

Lipo filling

Operations using the patient's own tissues are becoming increasingly popular. For example, in breast augmentation. This is the so-called lip filling. However, the problem with breast augmentation with implants prompt you to look for something safer (for example, artificial material may not take root). And just using your own tissues or your own fat is the way out.

True, those who have sufficient reserves of their own can easily afford it. A more difficult situation is for people who do not have them. But this problem is solved taking a small amount of the sample, you can grow the required amount of adipose tissue in a biotechnological laboratory. True, this innovative approach will cost more than implants.

Sunken cheeks

Well, sunken cheeks are also a fashionable trend today. And the most popular plastic surgery that helps to get them is the removal of Bisha's lumps.

In fact, this is the removal of fatty tissue through an internal incision in the oral mucosa. True, sometimes people don’t understand what kind of operation they really need, and they come with the words “I need to remove Bisha’s lumps”. And after the consultation, it turns out that they have completely different problems and there are no lumps at all.

Often these are those who just heard such plastic surgery hospitals in Delhi or saw the results of plastic surgeries on some of the acquaintances. Another reason for the popularity of this procedure is that it is image-building. What does this mean, it's simple they want to do it to be similar to the beauty standards from the covers of glossy magazines.