After bearing all the pain to give birth to a child in the fertility treatment hospitals in India, you are bound to be elated as your world is now lit up with the smile of a newborn child. After much fanfare and baby shower which has become customary to welcome the new kid, the child and the new mother is discharged. But then sets in a rather hard truth which has to be dealt with; the post-pregnancy problem of injury. It goes without saying that the body undergoes a lot of changes. Most of them tend to wear out the mother's energy levels as a result of labor pains.

Post-Pregnancy Problems

Having a baby changes your body. A lot of women experience physical problems. As mentioned before, kit is a result of labor and birth. But with the help of proper care such as physiotherapy, most of the injuries can be addressed and also their chances of recurrence can be annihilated.  

Symptoms of Post-Pregnancy Problems

Pelvic Pain and pubic symphisis discomfort directly relate to the process of the baby passing through the bony pelvis. There is also a relaxation of the ligaments that allow the passage of the baby to pass through leads to decreased stability of the joint. To add to the woes, the stretching of joint as the baby passes through. The resultant condition is a pain around the pelvis which can get troublesome if left untreated for long.

Low Back Pain can be traced back to two major causes. One is the aforementioned ‘loose’ ligaments effect causing instability in the region. The most obvious reason for such imbalance is the increases of weight gain the abdominal region and even the thighs. This goes particularly well with the increased weight dragging forwards combined with the lack of ligament support due to release of Relaxin. This condition causes low back pain, often with symptoms referring into the bottom or legs.

Treatment of Post-Pregnancy Problems

The physio can ascertain which structures are involved and use a combination of treatment and rehabilitation to alleviate your symptoms. There are a number of different techniques that specialists will use to treat you but in most cases there will be a factor of personalization for the symptoms that you are suffering from. Post pregnancy problems that are mostly of physical type can also affect the mental well being due to the continuous pain to the body.

This is precisely why the fertility treatment hospitals in Delhi that assist the couple in planning their baby have been introducing the women to physiotherapy for postnatal care. The postnatal care's primary focus is to provide some pain-relieving exercises which can be done without putting exhaustion to the body. Likewise, these exercises also focus on posture correction. This can help the mother in giving the right care as a fit body can ensure that the posture is right at the time of feeding the baby or when the body goes through twists and turns in deep sleep.