We must consider psychological support as a very important factor to consider during assisted reproduction treatments, since the majority of patients who have difficulties in conceiving a child and decide to undergo reproductive treatment, experience feelings such as stress, sadness, anguish, loneliness, etc. Therefore, a large number of reproduction centers already have a psychological service to help patients and their partners overcome moods that, without wanting to, can influence the results of reproduction treatment.

Individual attention

The individualized attention is very important in the treatments with ovum and sperm donation since it is necessary that before starting the treatment the patient is completely convinced that this is the best option to achieve that desired pregnancy. Likewise, it has been proven that the acceptance and safety of the treatment increase the chances of success.

The beta wait, the most distressing phase

The most complicated phase of the process is called beta wait. It is the waiting phase from the last part of the fertility treatment - the embryo transfer in the case of IVF or artificial insemination - to the pregnancy test or beta hCG.

Experts from fertility treatment hospitals in India give us these tips to be able to face the two weeks that take to receive the results:

          Avoid finding changes in your body or symptoms related to a possible pregnancy. Each body is different and can have different discomforts and sensations.

          Respect and support the way you live this process of your partner. No one is the same as another, and emotions and feelings vary.

          Do not isolate yourself, share moments with your family, friends, and partner, and carry out activities that can stimulate you.

          Normalize your routine as much as possible. You will keep your mind occupied and avoid the feeling that time is slower than usual.

          Dedicates a space to emotions, without avoiding them. You can talk about it with your partner or with someone you trust. However, make sure that these conversations do not only revolve around the beta wait and broaden the topics to focus attention on other things.

          Incorporate into your routine some relaxation techniques, breathing exercises to be able to control stress.

          Another way to relieve stress is by incorporating healthy habits: moderate sports (organized routes, hiking, yoga, etc.), and maintaining a good diet.

Finally, and very important, do not hesitate to consult any doubt, to express any fear. The experts and gynecologists of fertility treatment hospitals in Delhi know what you are going through. They are here to help you.

Before treatment

When a couple has identified, after the screenings, the origin of their worries of infertility, it can be a source of various personal questions. This is why gynecologists recommend following a session at the psychologist before starting their treatment.

Being processed

The various steps to go through when a treatment has started are not always easy and sometimes cause stress. Emotional or relational difficulties may arise, linked to treatment failures. Psychological help can ease the burden for some couples on the path of assisted procreation. This assistance is proposed, and freedom is left to both partners to join or not.

Some LDC centers also organize speaking groups, which bring together people experiencing the same course. The exchange of similar experiences can sometimes be a source of comfort.