Chronic kidney disease can have a significant impact on a person's physical and emotional health, as well as his lifestyle.

When the disease is detected early, the person can be helped by a kidney transplant hospital in Delhi to slow down the kidney failure by adapting his lifestyle and taking treatment. However, because this disease causes few symptoms, it is often diagnosed at advanced stages.

Chronic renal disease can cause some physical discomfort. This situation may create stress and financial hardship for the patient.  Renal damage requires intensive treatment for life. When your kidneys fail, treatment options include dialysis, kidney transplant, and integrated conservative kidney care. A person with chronic kidney disease can also receive palliative care at any time during his care journey.


The different types of dialysis can have various effects on the physical health of the patient. Dialysis patients in kidney transplant hospital or other institutions generally report tiredness after treatment.

Dialysis can cause considerable disruption in your life. You will have to change your habits to adapt to the procedure. If you are on dialysis at home, you will need space to install the dialysis machine and all the necessary equipment at home.

Kidney transplant

The kidney transplant has the best long-term results for people with end-stage renal disease. The kidney donor can be a living person or a deceased person.

Living donors may be family members, spouses, friends, strangers or anonymous persons. Donors then pass tests to verify that they are compatible with the patient. People receiving a living donor kidney usually wait for less than those who receive a kidney from a deceased person.

If you decide to receive a kidney from a deceased person, you will be placed on a list while waiting to find a compatible donor. You can wait for a few months or years. During this time, you will need to be dialyzed to replace your kidney function.

Once the matching donor is found, and the transplant is done, it will take you several weeks or more to recover from your surgery. Depending on your medical history, you will spend some time in kidney transplant hospital in Delhi before returning home.

After the transplant, the patient needs to take medication so that your body does not reject the new kidney. Kidney transplant hospital in India may ask you to change your lifestyle to ensure the health of your new organ. A transplant can also be the source of various emotions. Your healthcare team can support during this stage.

Integrated conservative kidney care

Some people with end-stage renal disease choose not to be dialyzed. They decide to benefit from integrated traditional kidney care. This is complete renal care that excludes dialysis.

If you choose integrated conservative kidney care, you will develop a personalized treatment plan with your healthcare team. Your treatment will help slow the progression of kidney disease and reduce the risk of complications. You will communicate regularly with your healthcare team to ensure that your symptoms are properly treated and that you receive all the help you need.