Not every case of obesity sees a person getting rotund literally from head to toe. The human body, unfortunately, has a knack for picking up some really unforgiving obesity patterns; skinny fat is one of them. People who are skinny fat have most of their fat accumulated in the midriff section. Add to that the less amount of lean muscle in the body only aggravates their body and physique aesthetically. This leads up to the question of whether there is any cosmetic or bariatric surgery to curb the fat of one specific region of the body.

If some of the most aggressively run TV commercials are to be believed then there is a magic spell called spot reduction which does exactly what you have trying to achieve; getting all the fat accumulation shed from the problem areas like the abdomen, butt and even the stubborn face fat. Sounds like what you have been looking for, does it not? But we hate to burst your bubble and inform that it is nothing but a sham which lets others creates a fortune out of your money! The bariatric surgery hospitals where most of the patients come to get the all-round surgery for fat reduction are perhaps the only trustworthy solution.

So why is it that the overhyped spot reduction is anything but a sham? Because it is simple scientific reasoning which states you cannot lose the fat the way you gained in the first place and that too in the body area of your choice. The human body is capable of losing only the entire body fat of the body in a comprehensive manner. Only the rate at which it does it changes from one person to the other based on the metabolism he/she possesses.

Spot reduction might just be possible only in cases wherein the person combines the medicinal procedure along with the physical activities like exercising, hitting the gym, HIIT workout, etc. Add to that there is also a necessity to monitor the diet at the same time. Based on what your eating patterns, there must be a healthy balance of between taste and eating food which is high in protein, roughage and a moderate amount of carbs. It is the body's fat which needs to be utilized throughout this process. Therefore, set your goals in a manner which makes the entire process less exhaustive and yet rigorous enough to push the body to its limits.

All said and done, there might be cases which may not be able to start from scratch and may need immediate surgery as the person in question may be staring at life risk due to obesity. Such cases should and must be consulted in the bariatric surgery Hospitals in India so that the risks can be averted at the right time by removing the excess fat from the body by the methods of liposuction, tummy tuck surgeries, etc. for which these hospitals are fully equipped with.