Not only can you perform physical exercise, but it is also something that we recommend you do during pregnancy, with few exceptions. The first of all is to consult with your specialist, because in case the pregnancy may have some risk, this will prohibit such practice.

If the state of your pregnancy allows you to perform physical activity, you should know that the more fit you are, the easier it will be to gestation and delivery. It will be beneficial for both the mother and the child, but there are a number of aspects that raise doubts among the pregnant women who come to us. From questions about the physical condition of women, gestational age, to the type of sports that can be performed.

Today we list them here so you can be more informed about it.

Why is it Convenient to do Physical Exercise if I am Pregnant?

Many studies show that absolute rest during pregnancy does not provide benefits, except in those cases that are indicated by the specialist. Otherwise, it is advisable by gynecology treatment hospitals in India to maintain a certain level of physical activity, adapting it to the person and the gestational moment in which the woman is. It must be considered that it is not the same to be in week 10 of pregnancy as in week 37.

These are the benefits of physical activity during Pregnancy:

•    Improvement of mood

•    Help to sleep better

•    Decrease in aches and pains typical of pregnancy

•    Weight control

•    Improves blood circulation and lung capacity

•    Regulates the intestinal rhythm and increases immunological defenses

Is it possible to exercise when I discover that I am Pregnant?

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the highest probabilities of abortion are presented, for which it is usually recommended, to those very active women, that they lower the level of intensity until a specialist sees that everything is developing correctly.

If it is about women with a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary that they do not start with physical activity until they receive the "ok" from the specialist. In both cases, we recommend going to the doctor for assessment and approval, and from there start training.

What type of Physical Exercise is advisable?

Above all, it is advisable by gynecology treatment hospitals in Delhi, during pregnancy, to perform about 20-30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity such as walking, or performing regular activities of daily life, so that energy expenditure is greater than that we have at rest. In the case of being quite active, doing about 150 minutes a week spread over a minimum of 3 days, helps to obtain significant benefits. If you use a heart rate monitor, try not to exceed values of 70-80% of your frequency.

Walking, cycling (both elliptical and static), swimming, yoga, joint mobility exercises, strength work in machines, pulleys, weights, etc., but always adapted by a professional. Yoga and Pilates are two highly beneficial activities for pregnant women, and they help maintain a state of optimal form.

For safety reasons, and throughout the pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid any activity in which there is a risk of falling or impact.