The weakening of the body's defenses, including the restructuring of calcium metabolism, are unavoidable changes in the body of a pregnant woman, as well as risk factors leading to the occurrence of dental problems in pregnant women: gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, and caries. It is the lack of calcium, the altered composition of saliva in a pregnant woman, and the microbes, which are more active due to lowered immunity, are the main reasons why the expectant mother's teeth deteriorate. Special signs by which a pregnant woman can determine caries that has begun are standard for all: cretaceous spots, grooves or lines, decalcification of the enamel, your teeth are influenced by stimuli (cold or hot drinks).

It is impossible not to treat

The opinion that it is extremely undesirable and even dangerous to treat teeth during pregnancy is very firmly rooted in society today. However, the evidence of this misconception can be proved without being a dentist. Even initial caries in pregnant women requires a mandatory visit to the dental treatment hospitals in India. Why? First, the disease progresses several times faster and can go into pulpitis during pregnancy. Secondly, at an early stage of treatment, it is possible to do without the use of anesthesia or X-rays. Thirdly, the expectant mother should be aware that she is now not alone, and the child can get a genetic disposition for caries while still in the womb! The beginnings of baby milk teeth begin to form as early as the sixth week of pregnancy, and in the fifth month, their mineralization begins.

Prevention of caries in pregnant women

Of course, the ideal option to avoid having to deal with a toothache during pregnancy is to take care of the health of the oral cavity as soon as the decision to have a baby is made. But, if for some reason this was not possible, the following tips are for you.

Power rule- The small body that grows inside you "takes" calcium from you for your own developing bones. If you consume an insufficient amount of foods rich in this element, then your bones and teeth will suffer. Therefore, your diet should be the necessary amount of calcium and minerals.

Sanitation of the oral cavity, that is its recovery. Ideally, the reorganization should be carried out before pregnancy, and then, throughout the time the baby is born, consistently and regularly visit the dental treatment hospitals in Delhi.

Vitamin therapy. It is worth thinking about what vitamins you absorb. It is known that drugs and products containing calcium and fluorine, vitamins of groups B and D, as well as fish oil better than any ointments and other pharmaceutical preparations will help to avoid the occurrence and development of caries.

Daily oral hygiene. There is no need to talk about such a thing as brushing your teeth twice a day - this rule is strict for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

You can avoid caries during pregnancy. As already mentioned, the disease is directly related to pregnancy, almost the same as nausea and all sorts of exacerbations. But there are quite simple ways to avoid caries, being in an interesting position: to cure teeth before conception; also before pregnancy begins a course of intensive vitamin therapy and competently care for the oral cavity. And, most importantly, remember that now there are two of you! This means that responsibility for oneself, for the body and for the teeth should also double.