Liver transplantation is a surgery process wherein the diseased liver is removed and replaced with a healthy one. The commonest indication which shows the requirement for a liver transplant is the cirrhosis of the liver. Other indications include liver cancer, acute liver failure of genetic diseases. Liver failure can be acute (one that can happen in a short period of time) or chronic (which can occur over a longer period of time). Across the world, the liver transplant hospitals has cured many such patients giving them a normal life to lead.  


What can damage the liver?

Liver damage's occurrence can be sudden as well it can happen over a prolonged period due to various causes

·        An acute liver failure which could also be sudden.

·        Severe infection

·        Some drugs such as herbal treatments

·        Chronic (Long term) Liver Failure

·      Excessive intake of alcohol, Infective Viruses like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Fatty Liver (due to excessive weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure) Autoimmune Diseases

·      In children, the liver can be damaged due to a condition called ‘Biliary Atresia’ and some other metabolic disorders and liver tumors.

Symptoms which point out at liver failure

Some of the important signs of liver failure are as follows:

·        Yellowish discoloration of the eyes (Jaundice)

·        Swelling of the feet Blood in the vomit or stools

·        Swelling of the abdomen due to water collection

·        Feeling weak with loss of appetite

·        Confusion or disorientation

·        Muscle wasting

·        Bruising and bleeding easily from gums

How can it be ascertained that you need liver transplant?

The team at the hospital puts the person in examination and evaluates all your blood and radiological results. Based on their assessment, they will recommend a liver transplant if it is required. If a transplant is not deemed suitable or not required, then the treatment in carried on following the necessary course of medication.

If you do need a liver transplant, other aspects of your health including the condition of your heart, lungs and kidneys will be assessed.

Liver transplant also comes with its own share of challenges like getting a healthy donor to execute the process successfully. The finding for a donor can be a tough ask for a family which is already in a state of trauma due to an ailing family member. Under such circumstances you need a well informed and highly reliable source to help you in planning and preparing the surgery.

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