In this blog, we will highlight a few questions that patients look for answers to when they return home after a spinal surgery. But do not forget that you should have been given a memo where the topic of interest may be covered, and the best adviser is the attending physician.

When can you have sex? Sex after spinal surgery is usually allowed between 2-6 weeks after it. But! Only if the rehabilitation process proceeds according to the norm and without complications. The exact time frame is unrealistic, because there are many diagnoses and surgical tactics. If after a simple removal of a hernia, the period of abstaining from sex is approximately 2 weeks. At the moment of intimacy, posture should not cause overvoltage of the problem area. It is better not to neglect the fixing corset until the end of the rehabilitation period.

Food: Useful and Harmful Foods? Stable work of the gastrointestinal tract is extremely important, so yogurt, other dairy products, preferably homemade, must be present in the diet of the early period. To increase the protective forces, as told by spine surgery hospitals you need to drink fruit drinks based on cranberries, lingo berries with the addition of honey. 

Pregnancy and Childbirth: When to Plan? Experts do not advise planning conception earlier than 12 months after the intervention. Pregnancy and childbirth at earlier periods are highly undesirable, since the spine can finally strengthen to withstand such a load at least in a year. Otherwise, the risks of recurrence of the disease, the development of new degenerations, orthopedic and neurological problems are very high.

When can you Stoop? Leaning to the side, forward / backward is not allowed for 1-2 months, but it can be longer. This restriction will avoid an undesirable vertebrae shift, which can entail a lot of consequences. If another observer does not consult you, get information from him when it will be safest to introduce the slopes and which ones. For the future, do not allow sharp and deep twists!

Why do you need to lose Weight and How? Losing weight with excess weight is an extremely important task, since overweight puts excessive pressure on the spine and joints. If there is a problem with extra pounds, consult a dietitian, reporting the surgery. He will professionally orient how to lose weight without harm to health, how to eat better, so that the body stably stays in good shape. 

How much after the correction of Scoliosis does Rehabilitation take? The operation for scoliosis by spine surgery hospitals in Delhi is one of the most complex techniques in neurosurgery and orthopedics; recovery is long-term and is not easily tolerated. A total of 6 months in adolescents, 12 months in adults takes medical rehabilitation. The fullest return of support and mobility of the spine can be expected purely with the right postoperative approach (exercise therapy, corseting, etc.).

Can I drink Alcohol? Acceptance of alcohol in any form is unacceptable throughout the rehabilitation phase. Therapeutic measures (consider taking medication) in combination with alcohol are incompatible things, fraught with severe toxic reactions. Blood alcohol critically inhibits the work of the central nervous system, leading to damage to the nerve conduction, and therefore to the insolubility of the problem with a neurological deficit.