In continuation of the topic of cosmetic operations, it is interesting how the shortcomings of the most noticeable part of the face, the nose, are corrected. A beautiful figure and perfect breast shape is already a reason for pride, but here are some small face flaws that can create discomfort and become an occasion for the development of complexes. Removing an unloved hump, changing the width of the nose, and the shape of the nostrils is called nasal rhinoplasty. Let's see below what is at stake.


You need to be absolutely indifferent to your appearance without paying attention to the hump or unaesthetic oblong shape of the nostrils. Due to a trauma or a genetic predisposition, the shape of the nose can be unsatisfactory for you, or even make normal breathing through the nose difficult. The provided methods of rhinoplasty will help determine the necessary surgical intervention. The following types of plastic are available for you:

·        Change in the tip of the nose and its back. In other words, the humps of the nose.

·        Changing the shape of the wings of the nose, that is, the shape of the nostrils.

·        Correction of the nasal septum. It is distinctive in that it concerns adjustments in order to eliminate complicated breathing.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty.

It is also worth mentioning that there are rare cases without surgery by injection. This method entails a change in the general shape of the nose, but alas, this is not suitable for every case. The general result of any type of rhinoplasty done by cosmetic surgery hospitals in India is that it is permanent and changes are possible only as a result of physical impact.


The price of rhinoplasty has a difference in accordance with the complexity of the operation. A simple adjustment of the “wings of the nose” costs from $ 350, and a more complex procedure associated with the correction of bone tissue can reach a cost of up to $ 2,500.

The most complex and expensive nose surgery is reconstructive rhinoplasty. This complex is carried out in a complete change of all parts of the nose and bringing it to perfect shape, with the final result you can specify yourself and be surprised at its outcome. Such a procedure can reach prices up to $ 2,800.


After rhinoplasty of the nose, be sure to follow the recommendations from the surgeon, since the recovery process may be impaired and, as a result, there is a high probability of the formation of postoperative complications. The weakness of the nose after surgery should be taken seriously in order to prevent repeated rhinoplasty. Repeated intervention is much more complicated than the initial one and is possible only after six months after the first nose surgery.

In any case, the right choice of cosmetic surgery hospitals, taking into account the accreditation and the scientific degree of a plastic surgeon, minimizes possible risks.

Given the quality of plastic surgery, your body will become not only your pride but also as an excellent example of the work of a professional in his field. The most important thing for a reputable plastic surgery medical clinic is your ideal appearance and shine, expressing happiness from the result of our work.