Almost every individual in this toxic world is down and out with a certain kind of medical conditions. Some of them are suffering from such complicated and rare medical deformities or an organ failure that they have almost given up on life. More than the despair of not being fit enough, it is the unfortunate fact of not having the right medical and surgical facilities which cast a doom to their hopes. It is even worse when it comes to the most backward countries which are reeling under acute financial crisis which discourages them to induct multi-dollar world-class hospitals.

However, India is one such country which has revamped its medical facilities to a large extent which and has emerged as a ray of hope for not just the indigenous population but for many of its neighboring countries of the continent. Medical tourism is a form of tourism wherein the patients and their family seek medical treatment in a country whilst they also get to explore the visiting country.

India has become the true game-changer in this regard with the rise of excellent cardiac treatment hospitals in India along with many other specialty based hospitals. The Indian healthcare industry is estimated to be more than USD 35 billion, presently. A lot of factors can be attributed for such boom. For instance, the Indian healthcare industry has become aware of the rise in diseases, increasing awareness and better diagnosis techniques. This has led to creation of opportunities in the healthcare sector which is viable for domestic as well as the international. One of biggest or perhaps the only reason as to why India has stood out as favorable medical tourism destination is the affordability. Let's say a foreign patient is in need of bariatric surgery in the bariatric surgery Hospitals in India. Compared to other developed nations, the patient is likely to get the same standards of surgical options with the same amenities in at least one-third costs. This not only makes India an apt destination for medical tourism but also percolates on many nations with word-of-mouth.

But in the bigger picture, medical tourism in India has been a blessing in disguise as the country is also regaining the brain. Regaining the brain may be defined to the growth of the in-house sources in any sector which subsequently reduces the brain drain or the migration of intellectuals to the countries promising better professional opportunities.

Most of the surgeons used to be in dismay due to the lack of infrastructure in the top neurology Hospitals In India but now the scenario has changed effectively. India, as a nation has become bankable with the huge resources that it possesses in the form of top-notch hospitals. These hospitals have seen tremendous rise in the number of patients coming from African and Asian countries seeking surgeries and long-term medical attention. In the years to come, the same brain regain is likely to multiply thereby making its presence even in the far-flung areas of the country.