An outbreak of coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan, presumably in the Huanan seafood wholesale market, the source of infection has not been established. Registration of cases of diseases continues both in the PRC and beyond. Evidence has been obtained from the ability of coronaviruses to spread from a sick person to a healthy one. Research is ongoing to establish the risk of transmission of viruses, the clinical spectrum of the disease, methods of treatment and prevention.


The whole world is seized with fear of an unknown virus, the epicenter of which has become China. The 3h surgery team is also concerned about measures to combat the epidemic. What to do if your relatives or acquaintances have recently returned from “dangerous” areas?

·     Since coronaviruses are transmitted primarily by airborne droplets, it is advised to stay away from crowded places for a long time, and personal protective equipment should also be used.

·     It is also advisable to reduce communication with immigrants from China and tourists who have just returned from countries in the region.

·    The virus can also be transmitted through products, and therefore it is worthwhile to be wary of goods from China. He emphasized that the virus is well preserved on the surface of fresh or frozen foods.

·     Moreover, the probability of contracting a new type of virus through household items and packages from China is low.

·   As experts noted, the virus has low resistance. At the moment, only the respiratory transmission method is known.

·      People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should observe cough etiquette (keep a distance, cover themselves with disposable napkins, handkerchiefs or clothes when coughing and sneezing, wash their hands);

Wear a Closed Mask

The first way to prevent corona virus is by wearing a closed mask. The spread of the virus that was allegedly occurred, one of which, by air makes wearing a mask one of the most appropriate ways you can do when going outside the house. However, that must be considered is the procedure for wearing this mask. Many people are often mistaken about how to wear a mask. One thing that is certain is that the mask covers the nose area and is not stored in the mouth area. If you do it like that, it does not include the right way to prevent viruses.

Avoid Direct Contact with Animals

Having suspected the corona virus to spread from animals to humans, it's not wrong to avoid unnecessary direct contact with animals is one way to prevent the corona virus that you can apply now. However, if you do have livestock, there are several things you can do.

Live a Healthy Life

How to prevent this virus can actually be the thing that you have to live in the future. Yep, living a healthy life is a way to check other viruses that can be done. Living a healthy life alone is certainly not just to prevent the corona virus.

In addition, the complications that coronavirus can provoke are already known: otitis media, sinusitis, pneumonia, myocarditis, meningoencephalitis and gastrointestinal problems (especially in children). How to protect yourself? Hygiene and classical hygiene again: wash your hands, do not touch your face and mucous membranes with dirty hands, avoid close contact with sick people and wear a mask.