When you are 20, 25, or even 30 years old, losing weight - if you have a desire and certain willpower - is easy. A week of the diet and extra pounds will melt away like smoke.

That would always be so. But alas. To lose even two kilograms with age is already a feat. Moreover, after forty years, people very often grow stout, even if they have not changed their diet or lifestyle. Why is it so unfair?


Yes, because age-related changes are inevitable. By the age of 40, hormonal levels change in women: the level of estradiol and progesterone, which are responsible for metabolic processes in the body, decreases, the metabolism slows down.

It’s just that in adulthood you need to approach slimming wisely and understand: it’s unlikely that you will be able to lose excess by a snap. In order to achieve the desired result, you will have to lay a solid foundation of several components: proper nutrition and lifestyle, monitoring your health, playing sports, as well as caring for your own body.

So, the main reason that a woman aged about and over forty cannot just as easily lose weight as before, is a change in her hormonal profile. First, the ovaries begin to produce less progesterone. It affects not only the menstrual cycle but also the metabolic processes in the body. If progesterone is not enough, metabolic processes slow down. And a person, seemingly not changing anything in his lifestyle, is gaining excess weight.

According to obesity surgery hospitals in India, following progesterone, estrogen levels decrease, and then the synthesis of thyroid hormones. This also provokes a slowdown in metabolism and weight gain. But the level of male sex hormones decreases in the female body more slowly, because of this there is a redistribution of fatty tissues. And excess volumes appear in places where they could never have been before, for example, in the abdomen or arms. This is called weight gain, and subsequently - male-type obesity.

But this does not mean that losing weight is not worth it! Excess weight is an additional disease. It gives a load on the joints, heart, makes us older not only externally, but also at the level of internal systems. As for hormonal changes in women, they can be corrected, for example, using hormone replacement therapy. Eating behavior can also be corrected, and becoming more active is not so difficult. The main thing is not to give up halfway and understand: to achieve the desired weight after forty will work out only by completely revising your lifestyle.

The first step to an ideal body should be a visit to the doctor. Many women go straight to the nutritionist to paint the right diet and lifestyle for them. And they are right. It is the nutritionist who is the chief specialist in nutrition: therapeutic and prophylactic. He must be able to make a personalized diet for any person.

But, in order to do this correctly, a competent doctor will first redirect his patient to other specialists: an endocrinologist, because disruption of the thyroid gland is one of the main causes of overweight after forty years, and a gynaecology treatment hospital- sex hormones are also responsible for female elegant forms.