It has to be acknowledged that human excellence achieved in any field is not flawless and that there is something called "human error" that may occur every now and gain. This particularly goes well in the cases of plastic surgeries that can literally transform your aesthetics or ruin it completely. Choosing the best plastic surgery hospitals In India thus becomes a subject of paramount importance. Therefore it is important to outline the checklist that ensures that you already have a fair knowledge about the decision to choose a plastic surgeon.  Let's take a look.

1.     The first thing that boils down to is obviously the reputation of the plastic surgery Hospitals in Delhi. Every plastic surgery hospital must have the required certification from the relevant boards. The surgeons must have the credentials to practice the surgeries in the reputed hospitals.  

2.     A lot of people plan the plastic surgeries purely on the basis of reference. It could be a personal physician, friends or family members who are in healthcare sector. Apart from these references, try to reach out the references that have had an experience or have undergone plastic surgery in the hospital you have eventually zeroed in on. They can also give an input on how their experience is like. This is more of a genuine method to seek a review instead of the anonymous review left online.  

3.     In the age of IT and ultra fast spreading of information, all the inputs of the doctors and cosmetic surgery hospital in Delhi can be examined on the website itself. The best in profession would have all the information, biography and they would not keep anything vague that raises questions.

4.     The experience of the surgeon is just as necessary. A qualified surgeon would also practice in the plastic surgery hospital of the highest standards on a regular basis. Regardless of how complicated a case is, the surgeons should always be open to consultations and explain his expertise. Make sure to ask if the procedure you are seeking is something they do at least once a week and is it in their top three procedures performed.

5.     A trusted plastic surgery hospital in Delhi will not do mere lip service. They would rather clarify all potential benefits, risks, and complications. They won't answer with "everything will be fine," or "you will not feel a thing. Rather they should be forthcoming with information about risks and potential complications.

6.     When it comes time for surgery, it should be performed in an accredited ambulatory facility. The accredited ambulatory service will have all the necessary equipment to respond to an emergency service if need arises.

7.     Much as a plastic surgery surgeon is a necessity, they also need a certified anesthetist or anesthesiologist. The person administering anesthesia has a pivotal role to ensure a relaxing and pain-free procedure.


At last it can be said that that plastic surgery is one of the biggest and life changing decisions that shall have an impact for the rest of the life. Given its sensitive and delicate nature, it is wise to only count on the best hospitals instead of hearsay. We believe that as an educated individual you would act accordingly and do your research thoroughly.