At a time while studies carried out on Cancer remind us that 4 out of 10 cancers are preventable, prevention messages on the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, poor diet, and obesity will never leave the news.

However, for the lakhs of cases of cancer are diagnosed in people aged 30 and over, the disease is unfortunately now part of everyday life. Here are our tips.


Do not hide the disease

It is essential to talk about it with your personal circle. Hiding the diagnosis and the evolution of the disease is not a good idea even under the pretext of protecting one's own. By silencing information about your state of health, you remain alone with your worries and isolate yourself. Cancer is not a shameful disease, you are the patient who is the victim of the disease.

In your professional context, only your decision to break medical confidentiality matters. Address the issue only if there is trust between your employer and you.

How to cope with pain?

Let's face it, having cancer is facing multiple pains, linked to the disease, to therapeutic treatments, to drugs, to the side effects of treatments, to the image, the esteem and the self-confidence that are seriously shaken by the trials. According to oncology treatment hospitals, suffering in silence is futile, all pain must be heard and taken into consideration, do not hesitate to request a specialized consultation with the teams in charge of pain to provide you with supportive care.

Use supportive care

Among these supportive care are prevention of nausea and vomiting, prevention of falling white blood cells, treatment of anaemia, possible transfusions, psychological support, social worker, and nutritionist. Alternative medicines can take over. It's time to take care of yourself and know how to surround yourself.

Manage intense fatigue: To face the fatigue that will be your daily traveling companion throughout the illness; because everything is tiring or even exhausting, from the start with the shock of the diagnosis, the disease is a real "obstacle course", the administrative course, surgery, chemotherapy, maintenance treatments, departments, round trips to the hospital plus drugs and their side effects and sleep disturbances.

Here too, the use of so-called alternative medicines can be a precious help in addition to supportive care.

Activate all possible supports, these will be patient associations that have a benevolent support network. Some have quite interesting initiatives. Did you know, for example, that you can share a car to get to the sessions? Benefit from sessions with an esthetician, hairdresser, psychologist to help you reclaim your body martyred by illness, cooking workshops to rediscover the pleasure of eating.

The main mission of cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi is to support you on a daily basis; they inform you about your rights, social procedures, the resumption of professional activity and in all the tests of the disease, you should not hesitate to request them.

Ask for support from your mutual insurance company, which can provide you with additional services such as cleaning hours, transportation assistance, and financial assistance to cover expenses such as the purchase of hair or breast prostheses adapted bras. It's time to contact her to take stock of the available supplements.

Practicing physical activity despite fatigue is highly recommended as it reduces the risk of relapse. This includes sexual activity, the benefits of which are no longer proven.

To conclude, keep in mind that we can all bring daily comfort to cancer patients with simple gestures: smile, listen, look with kindness, and not be afraid of the disease.