We all have seen the public awareness campaign which informs us about how injurious smoking is. While many of us have time and again related smoking with lung diseases, a deeper investigation by the urology hospital in Indiahas revealed that smoking is also the leading cause of urologic conditions. So let us identify and discuss the different urologic conditions that get aggravated by smoking.

International cancer society such as the American Cancer Society has also pointed out that smoking is the most needless cause of death in the world with 20 million premature deaths since 1984 in the US alone. Let us break down the seven complications caused by smoking.

1. Bladder Cancer is a far too common cancer in men and women. If we make global estimates on the basis of the statistic by the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 330000 people get affected by bladder cancer. Due to smoking, the chemicals and harmful drugs get collected in the urine. These chemicals affect the lining of the bladder and raise your bladder cancer risk.

2. Erectile Dysfunction impacts millions of men across the globe. Erectile dysfunction or ED as it is called can be described as a condition wherein there is a poor blood flow to the penis. Smoking is one of the most perilous habits which can impact the blood flow in the organs including reproductive ones by harming the blood vessels. This can result in not being able to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

3. Kidney Cancer is in the top ten most common cancers for men and women. While smoking, smoke is drawn into the lungs. The same smoke gets transmitted into the bloodstream and eventually gets filtered into the kidney. The harmful chemicals are now in the kidneys. About 62,700 new cases of kidney cancer will be found in 2016, many as a result of smoking.

4. Kidney Stones are a common health issue of the urinary tract. The number of people approaching to the Urology Hospital in Delhi  with complaints of painful, kidney stone problems has hit the million-mark. Smoking has been shown to greatly add to the risk of getting kidney stones.

5. Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome impacts more women than men. Up to 12% of women are said to have early signs of IC, which is a chronic bladder health issue. Smoking irritates the bladder and can make IC symptoms worse.

6. Incontinence (leaking urine) and Overactive Bladder (OAB), impact more than 33 million men and women. Smoking triggers an imbalance in the proper functioning of the bladder which causes frequent urination.

7. Infertility impacts both men and women and about 50% of infertility cases can be linked to the male. Smoking can harm the genetic make-up in eggs and sperm. The infertility rate for smokers is twice the rates for those who do not smoke.


If you smoke, it is high time to quit. As is the case with many men and women, it is difficult to get over this habit all alone. Hence you need to consult with the Urology Hospital in Delhito get measures for cigarette smoking and lower the chance of having these urologic conditions.