When we talk about bags we don't necessarily talk about fashion! In our case, these are in fact eyelid bags, an aesthetic defect affecting the peri-ocular area and which makes the gaze dull and aged.


The presence of this imperfection is not to be attributed exclusively to an aging skin. In some cases, in fact, the eyelid bags are congenital and therefore occur from a young age. For eyelid correction, there are no particular outpatient solutions. Traditional aesthetic medicine treatments are of little use, especially when the defect is rather marked.

To eliminate an evident excess of skin and fat from the eyelid area, all that remains is to resort to plastic surgery hospitals in India, in particular to blepharoplasty.

The operation allows to correct the imperfections of both the upper and lower eyelids, proceeding with the removal of excess skin and fat tissue.Blepharoplasty is the cosmetic surgery indicated for all people who want to correct the eyelid bags, an excess of skin in the upper and/or lower eyelid and other defects in the eye area.

Through this procedure it is possible to obtain a very satisfactory and long-lasting rejuvenation of the eye, thanks to increasingly advanced techniques that have also allowed a reduction in the timing of the intervention ranging from 30 minutes for a superior blepharoplasty, up to about two hours for a complete blepharoplasty.

Once the feasibility of a blepharoplasty has been ascertained, through a specialist visit by a cosmetic surgery hospitals in India, you can start preparing for the surgery. In addition to the pre-operative examinations, it is of fundamental importance for patients to have the necessary information for the post-operative period, in particular regarding the healing times.

The most frequently asked question that is asked to a cosmetic surgeon is precisely that relating to the healing times of a blepharoplasty, to understand after how much it is possible to return to life as usual.

Given that each person, according to age, general health and lifestyle, has a different healing process, it can still be said that the recovery time of a blepharoplasty is rather fast.

After the operation, the patient will have the sutures closed with very few stitches and covered with thin patches for greater protection. Once back home (a few hours after the operation) he will have to rest completely without straining his eyes in the least and sleeping with his head resting on at least two pillows, to contain the swelling.

The drug therapy prescribed by the surgeon is aimed at limiting post-operative pain and discomfort and avoiding any infections and it is therefore necessary to follow it correctly. After about 10 days from the operation, you can go back to work, but the healing times are estimated at around two weeks, after which it will be possible to start almost all the daily activities again.

Normal bruising and swelling will decrease day by day, while any sensation of dry eyes will be managed through the use of particular eye drops indicated by the surgeon. Even the scars with the passage of time will remain only a slight memory, always only if handled appropriately, always therefore under the strict control of the trusted professional.