Many probably paid attention to how in advertising people with a white-toothed smile offer to buy fluoride toothpaste. Such a component should strengthen tooth enamel and protect against tooth decay.


At the same time, people who well remember the school curriculum in chemistry are unlikely to rush to buy a similar product. For them, the mention of fluoride is more likely to become anti-advertising. This is due to the fact that fluorine in its pure form is poison.

However, in reality, everything is not so sad. Regarding toothpaste, “fluoride” is an incorrect term. The composition of the fluoride contains. These are chemicals that are a combination of several elements. According to numerous studies with moderate use, they do not harm human health, but in pastes they contain a minimal amount. In order to harm your health, you need to eat more than one tube of paste at a time. And then the negative consequences are unlikely to be caused by fluoride.

That is why numerous leading companies in the world use the component in the manufacture of toothpastes and other products. Fluoride prevents pathogens from destroying tooth enamel. With a lack of substance, the enamel becomes brittle, which allows bacteria to damage it. The ingredient is added to products for adults and children. The difference is only in its percentage.

How to choose a fluoride paste?

If the product is safe, then why not use it? A huge selection of pastes from various manufacturers is presented on the market for such products. You can purchase both budget products and quite expensive.

What problems do fluoride pastes solve?

So, when the point in the possible danger of pastes containing fluoride is put, you should consider the likely benefits of this product. What problems helps to solve such products?

The fluoride paste in the composition is intended for:

Decreased caries risk- Fluoride prevents bacteria from destroying tooth enamel. As a result of regular use of the paste, the risk of development and the need for subsequent treatment of caries is significantly reduced.

Remineralization- The component helps restore weakened and worn tooth enamel. Due to this, it is less sensitive to external factors.

Decreased tooth sensitivity- The problem arises from too thin or damaged enamel. Fluoride helps to restore it, as a result of which the teeth become less sensitive to cold and hot, sweet and sour, etc. When using such products, there are no unpleasant or even painful sensations that accompany increased sensitivity.

Strength increase- During the period when the teeth are only growing, fluoride helps to increase the strength of tooth enamel. After the teeth have completely erupted, the enamel remains strong and does not deteriorate for a long time under the influence of pathogens, acidic environment, sugar and other factors.

Therefore, dental treatment hospitals in Delhi recommend brushing your teeth to children from the first years of life.

The mouth odour- The source of bad breath is microorganisms that actively multiply in a humid environment. Fluoride does an excellent job of neutralizing them. As a result, the unpleasant aroma is completely eliminated. Associated components provide a good smell from the oral cavity.

Fluoride pastes in the composition are regularly subjected to numerous studies, which at the moment have completely rehabilitated the product. With proper moderate use, such formulations do not harm health, and their benefit has been proven empirically.