In this blog post, we will try to answer general questions that may arise patients who are going to undergo knee surgery or their families. Complications after the prosthesis, how long a prosthesis lasts- are common questions.

Which knee prosthesis is better?

To this day, this is a question without an answer. All commercial houses defend the characteristics of their implants, but there is no scientific evidence to place one prosthesis above the others. Your surgeon will choose a type of prosthesis (unicompartmental, total, or revision) according to your needs. In the event that you need the implantation of a total knee prosthesis, which is the most usual case, the orthopedic surgeon will opt for CR, PS, or CS models according to their individual characteristics.

An indisputable fact is that experience can be a transcendental factor when it comes to achieving good results. If a surgeon is accustomed to using a particular prosthetic model, it is possible to assume that he will obtain a better result using the system he already knows than if he changed to a different one (although it was superior from a theoretical point of view).

What is a cemented knee prosthesis?

In knee replacement surgery in India, it is the one that is fixed to the bone by bone cement. Cement is a plastic material that is inserted into the gap between the bone and the prosthesis, holding the implant in position when setting. It is used in patients with poor bone quality, in revision surgeries or in individuals that require early mobilization. Its use also depends on the preferences of the traumatologist. Its use is more common in the tibial tray and in the kneecaps than in the femoral components.

What is a unicompartmental knee prosthesis?

It is a knee prosthesis that is implanted when knee wear only affects one of its sides. With them, only one half of the joint is replaced, leaving the healthy side intact. The problem is that, normally, osteoarthritis progresses with time and makes it necessary to implant a total prosthesis. In addition, clinical experience with this type of implants is still scarce.

What is a knee navigator?

In the implantation of a knee prosthesis by orthopedics surgery hospitals in India, it is essential to achieve good alignment of the same and a good balance of the soft parts. For this, your orthopedic surgeon will have to perform various procedures on your bones, tendons, and ligaments. A knee navigator is a computer connected to sensors that helps the orthopedic surgeon make decisions about the best way to apply these adjustments.

What is a primary knee prosthesis?

It is the one that is implanted for the first time in the knee of the patient. They are quite standard since the wear of the knee does not usually exceed certain limits.

What is a revision knee prosthesis?

There is the talk of revision prosthesis or prosthetic replacement when an implanted prosthesis is removed to replace it with another one. They are usually more complex systems than primary prostheses because bone losses caused by the previous implant must be compensated.

How long is the duration of knee prosthesis?

It is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question. The durability of a knee prosthesis depends on the characteristics of the patient, their level of activity, the type of implant, the technical expertise of the orthopedic surgeon, and even chance. In general, and if there are no premature problems, we can expect that the average life of a knee prosthesis will be around 15 years.