The false beliefs about childbirth are not good for mom and baby are not good: as always, the information is the essential tool at any time of life, and especially when you are facing a delicate event like childbirth, which requires the utmost serenity and the best state of mind on the part of all the "actors" involved.

But what are the false myths and clichés about childbirth that need to be eliminated and which must absolutely be ignored? Let's find out the most popular together.

The baby will be born with spots on the skin if it does not satisfy the "cravings" during pregnancy: it is an ancient popular belief that the food desires of pregnant women can affect the skin conditions of the newborn. Therefore, not satisfying the "cravings" could lead to the appearance of brown spots on the baby (in the case of coffee), or red (in the case of strawberries) or even white (in the case of milk). Obviously, it is not true: the only thing to remember is that a varied and balanced diet during pregnancy is absolutely essential for the health of the mother and child and that it is important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of food. Nothing else.

Vomiting a lot during pregnancy will lead to the birth of a baby with lots of hair: you're smiling, aren't you? We too. Yet this urban legend exists and how! Obviously, there is no correlation between the nausea of ​​the mother during pregnancy and the baby's hair at birth. What you will have to remember, however, is that if you suffer from stomach acid during gestation, it is due to the normal hormonal changes that occur within your body as well as to the increase in uterine volume.

If the belly is pointed, the baby is male, if it is round, a sissy: it is a very ancient false belief, we would say almost legendary. The cliché is simple: if the mother has a somewhat "pointed" belly during pregnancy, it is highly probable that she will give birth to a boy, while a roundness of the belly would correspond to the birth of a child. In reality, it is a rumor that has no scientific basis: there are much more certain methods of knowing the sex of your baby, without having to rely on the shape of a baby bump! Try asking your consulted gynecology treatment hospital in India!

If you breastfeed you cannot get pregnant: it is a rumor that even today, it is difficult to eradicate a little, that according to which women who are breast-feeding their baby cannot have another pregnancy. However, it is inaccurate: the chances of getting pregnant decrease during lactation, but they do not cancel at all. Attention, then!

The pain of childbirth is unbearable for all: it is a peremptory belief that, however, does not take into account the fact that, every day, thousands of women give birth with more or less suffering. To date, there are many remedies suggested by gynecology treatment hospitals in Delhi that can help ease the pain caused by labor pains: from listening to the music you love to the reassuring presence of your partner, from a change of position to relaxation techniques, from water birth to cesarean section.