The endoscopic facelift serves to reduce the signs of aging on the face and neck using various clinical techniques. It is an extensive, complex but very effective procedure if you are looking for permanent results.


The  facelift  is a surgical procedure aimed at patients who want to rejuvenate or improve the appearance of their face by repositioning all facial soft parts (skin, fat, muscles) - also those patients who, due to genetic factors or lifestyle, have a tired and aged appearance, they are susceptible to undergo such an operation. In other words, it is about restoring the parts of the face that, with the inevitable passage of time, lose shine and become more flaccid.

What is endoscopic surgery?

It is a type of surgery that represents an alternative approach to standard aesthetic procedures with less invasive techniques.This endoscopic facelift begins with small incisions behind the hairline and above the ear. The optic fiber and video camera are then inserted into these incisions so that the professional surgeon can lift the skin and soft tissues of the face. With this intervention, the muscles of face are tightened with extreme precision, thus recovering a more youthful appearance.

Benefits of endoscopic surgery

Traditional surgical methods do not allow surgeon to reach certain parts of the face but endoscopic techniques from plastic surgery hospitals allow access to the expression lines of the eyebrows, the folds of the nose and the cheeks. It is a cosmetic surgery that provides very natural results because it achieves a perfect vertical elevation in addition to the horizontal adjustments of traditional surgery.

The best candidate for an endoscopic face lift

The endoscopic face lift provides great results in the form of beautiful and glowing skin. But there are circumstances that are ideal for this type of treatment. The best candidates are those with certain moderate facial blemishes resulting from excess adipose tissue and flaccid facial musculature. This technique is perfect for ages between 30 to 50.

If you want a makeover and see your face more rejuvenated, put yourself in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon,at cosmetic surgery hospitals in Delhiwho will advise you on the advantages of the endoscopic face lift procedure. And you will see everything it can do for you.

Coronal Lifting Vs. Endoscopic Lifting

1. With the endoscopy technique, an excellent and lasting result is obtained as the traditional facelift, but with a minimally invasive surgery (very little aggressive) for the patient.

2. While in the traditional facelift, an incision is made that runs through the forehead from ear to ear, endolifting uses small cuts of 1 to 3 centimeters hidden in the scalp.

3. The coronal lift usually leaves a large scar and can lead to some complications such as hair loss or the effect of having a longer face. With the endoscopic facelift by reputed cosmetic surgery hospitals one can avoid these complications, in addition to creating a shiny and rejuvenated convex forehead.

4. The endoscopic lifting achieves more natural results, since it treats the deep layers of the skin. The procedure involves muscle tightening and skin repositioning, all using a small video camera (the endoscope) that is placed under it. Thus, it is avoided having to remove excess skin as happens with the coronal facelift.

5. The endoscope facelift, being very little invasive, can be combined with blepharoplasty to create natural result and thus prevent eyebrow dropping after eyelid surgery - a frequent complication if the patient is not properly evaluated.