Many people in adulthood and old age complain of problems such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, less often - arthrosis. And, despite the fact that modern medicine offers reliable methods to eliminate these diseases, often these ailments remain with us until the end of life. Why? It is necessary to change the diet, and this, oddly enough, not everyone can do it. But if you understand, no exploits are required from us, the right diet for you is not at all complicated, not time-consuming and not meager.

General nutritional tips for Osteochondrosis, arthritis, and arthrosis:

It is nutrition that determines whether a person is overweight and whether the body lacks nutrients (getting only “empty” calories — this happens on meat and vegetarian diets), and these are two main problems with our diseases. Therefore, weight loss and saturation of the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins- 2 main tasks for you in the next few months.

Common mistakes in achieving these two goals:

1) We eat excessively, but “garbage” food: bread and pasta, plus in large quantities - the products of meat plants, including sausages, dumplings, and sausages. We have: obesity/fullness, slagging of the body, increased pressure due to the "chemistry" in meat products (there is constantly adrenaline in the blood). This problem is the scourge of the "meat-eaters." Pasta with cutlet = practically 0 nutrients.

2) We eat insufficiently fortified foods, while preserving excess weight: for example, we switched to vegetarianism, but according to the type: “I ate chop with macaroni potatoes - I began to eat only macaroni potatoes”. Rice, highly heat-treated vegetables (“dead”), and an abundance of carbohydrates (as the poorest people eat in India) are a fatal diet that leads to obesity and disease (including the spine and joints) which in turn requires consultation with spine surgery hospitals in India.

Why? Firstly, you won’t lose weight on rich carbohydrate food, because carbohydrate calories are no less “calorie” than the calories of the most fat and gloomy meat. Therefore, making an ethical choice, do not forget to also take into account calories! And secondly, vegetarianism is not “potato-macaroni-rice”, it implies a very diverse diet with a predominance of vegetables and fruits.

It is necessary to make a balanced diet with a lot of vegetables throughout the day, take vitamin supplements. If you are used to drinking a lot of milk, it, of course, must be farm.

3) We eat insufficiently high-calorie and insufficiently fortified foods. This is already a little better (because it will take more weight and you will notice relief), but also not optimal. This type of food is “for breakfast- a smoothie with fresh herbs, for lunch- 2 litres of cold water with lemon juice, and for dinner - a lecture on the dangers of meat eating”. The Internet is full of different “cleanses”, detoxes and diets - but you can’t forget that these are only temporary measures, you can’t always sit on such a diet. For this, you will have to consult spine surgery hospitals.

It is not physiological to lose more than 1 kg of weight per month (even if you really want to, and there is an opportunity): the body will simply wear out a lot. Remember that rapid weight loss occurs due to muscle tissue and loss of water from the body (both are harmful), and not due to "burning fat." It is impossible to lose weight quickly and physiologically, especially with problems with the spine and joints.