In the previous decades, the loss of teeth or several teeth together due to an accident or trauma used to be more of an embarrassment than a loss. Thanks to modern dentistry, the problem has now been solved with an array of dental solutions available at the best dental Hospitals. Though bridges have been around for a while, one can now get dental implants for a reasonable cost. Not only are they a lot comfortable, they look exactly like natural teeth.

Dental Implants In Dental Treatment Hospitals In India And How It Is Done.

Here is a complete rundown of the stages through which the dental implant is executed in the best dental hospitals in India after all the assessment:

·       On the first visit the assigned dentist in dental hospital, the dentist will first examine your mouth carefully. He/she will then take x-rays of your teeth, jaw and head to determine whether you’re fit for it.

·       After chalking out a plan to carry out the procedure, the dentist would acquaint you with the whole process before they go ahead with the procedure.

·       The first stage would start with the dentist inserting a dental implant into the jawbone underneath the gum tissue. Once the gum tissue is joined together, the implant will get fixed with the bone as well as attached to the gum. This will take several months to heal, until it’s time to move on to the second stage.


During the second stage, which shall be conducted at dental treatment hospital in Delhi, an abutment is attached to the implant. The abutment colligates the replacement tooth to the implant. Depending upon the patient's individual case, the first and second stage will be carried out in a single sitting.

·       The implant or the artificial tooth made by your dentist is then attached to the abutment. In some cases, one may have to make multiple visits in order to have the replacement tooth properly fit.

·       When there is a need for replacement of several or all your teeth, the dentist shall anchor a fixed bridge on the dental implants. This bridge spreads across even to the area that has no teeth.



The job does not end with the procedure. The best dental treatment hospital in Delhi have a specific team of doctors who would educate you on proper care of your implants along with proper cleaning methods. Post-surgery check-ups will be scheduled for at least a year to ensure your implants are in good condition.

How much is the implant going to cost?

Thanks largely to the hugely rich medical culture and the surge of medical facilities of world class standards, the cost of these implants have been cut down phenomenally. As a matter of fact, one can get these implants in best dental implant hospitals in Delhi which are at least four times less costly than the ones which are available in other parts of the globe. The services have been extended beyond the Indian territories as India has opened its doors to the foreign patients as well.