Obesity in child is on the rise and if your child is suffering from this malicious weight gain, you need to take note of this piece. Obesity in children is causing the worst lifestyle pattern among the children at a very young age. The problems like snoring, refraining from any outdoor activity and even the abnormal time cycle for periods in female teens is a huge cause of worry.


These are basically the ill effects of obesity which your child is unfortunately harboring. It is one of world's rapidly rising problems which needs to be addressed

The causes of this tsunami of obese children have been plenty- food and inactivity being the major driving force.

There are some important reasons why we should not ignore obese children

1. The surgeons in the bariatric surgery Hospitals in India often come across parents with a very common myth; that once their children grow in height they would lose their bulges. Sadly, it does not happen that way! Most of these children are going to remain obese till adulthood.

2. The threat of obesity is unprecedented. It is getting as lethal as health problems like cancer and other incurable diseases. In order for the healthy survival of the upcoming generation, the effective counter measures for obesity is a must. 

3. Obese children suffer, just like adults, with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, heartburns, snoring and immobility. They have major psychosocial issues like poor self-esteem and lack of confidence. This leads to increased isolation across social circles and it can also have severe effects like abnormal development and growth that may result in permanent psychological trauma.

Treatment of obese children is a complex task. It needs involvement of parents, pediatricians, nutritionists, psychologists and obesity surgery hospitals In India. The hospital centers take up the cases for evaluation and each of them is monitored individually and to adopt the appropriate step. The initial strategy is always dietary and environmental modifications along with behavior therapy. Sometimes bariatric surgery is needed.

Nonetheless, the skeletal maturity is waited upon before taking up this surgery. However, in exceptional circumstances, when obesity is so crippling as to precipitate florid diabetes, high blood pressure and significant immobility and psychosocial issues then one must consider the bariatric surgery before it’s too late. There have been instances when waiting has been counterproductive leading to permanent damage and in these situations an early bariatric surgery is beneficial. In summary, obesity is in the rise in children. Prevention is the key. But it must also be kept in mind that the entire treatment procedure must bring multidisciplinary experts in a centre where nutritionists, psychologists, endocrinologists and Bariatric surgeons work in tandem.

The bariatric surgery hospitals in India helps in maintaining optimum weight and the required health parameters to make the recovery quicker and also to have the benefits of surgery prevail for a longer period of time. With the surgery, the guidance of a nutritionist is equally important all the way through.