It is not only the surgeries of the spine that the spine surgery hospitals In Delhi are dealing. The neck, an important portion forming the spine is equally an area of concern for a frail body. Hence we have cervical spine surgery; a type of surgical surgery focusing on the neck.

Why/when is it necessary to undergo cervical spine surgery?

The spine surgery hospitals suggest a cervical spine surgery if there is a correction required with regard to instability and relieving compression from a nerve that may be causing you pain, tingling and even weakness of the neck. Neck pain are of extreme nature as far as the pain goes. It reduces the mobility and movement of the neck thereby hindering the daily activities. But the surgery is not suggested so long as these symptoms are not worse with cervical nerve root compression.


You are a candidate of cervical spine surgery only when the medical imaging like MRI makes it apparent that there is a spinal problem that is causing the compression of a nerve root or the spinal cord. Some of the more teething problems that appear are caused by a herniated disc, bone spur (osteophyte).

It is still recommended by the spine surgery hospitals to go for non-surgical surgery if it cannot be linked to spinal instability or nerve compression. As such, the non surgical methods are physical therapy, medication as needed, massage, cognitive behavioral therapy, cold packs, heat therapy, and sometimes steroid injections.

The pointers to choose a spine surgeon

Much as it is important to go for a spine surgery for the cervical condition, we also need to get a sense as to what the general considerations are:

·         First things first while considering a surgery. It must be kept in mind by every patent that spine surgery is almost always an elective procedure. Very few cases of make for spine surgery that is inevitable for a person. Moreover, it is the concerned person who is at the better state of things to ascertain whether they can do with the non-surgical options or whether they absolutely need a surgery.

·      Another pertinent question posed by the patients is about their spine surgery is the surgeon; whether it is going to be a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. The answer is that both specialty has a different area of focus, they are equally qualified to do the majority of spine surgery (there are some exceptions to this rule: for instance, a neurosurgeon is generally regarded as better specialist for tumor surgery and an orthopedic surgeon for deformity). In a few cases, it is also seen that the neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons work in a tandem in the operating room.

The specialty of surgery in any of the hospitals is of critical importance and it is only the best of the spine surgery hospitals which can be an answer to all your surgical woes. You can also communicate with the surgery planning portals to make a sane choice.