Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposculpture are three of the most demanded cosmetic surgery operations in cosmetic surgery hospitals in India. Combining the last two allows a more proportionate body and a more natural breast augmentation.


The lipotransference for breast augmentation has also proved a safe and effective technique since implants have some risk of rejection being exogenous material and must be replaced periodically. By combining liposuction surgery with breast augmentation, as the fat belongs to the patient herself, the risk of rejection is minimal.

How is mixed liposculpture and breast augmentation surgery performed?

The operation of the breasts and liposculpture is done in two phases: first, liposuction is performed to remove fat, and then lipofilling of the chest operation.

The liposuction is a technique widely used in cosmetic surgery hospitals that allows remodeling body contour -lipoescultura- through extraction of fat or adipose tissue of one or more specific areas of the body. When liposuction and breast augmentation are performed at the same time, it is usual for the fat to come from the abdomen, from the flanks (the famous "love handles" or "floats") or from the hips, depending on each patient.

The fat is extracted through cannulas of different diameters connected to an aspiration system, although in liposculpture it is the hands of the plastic surgeon who feel and mold the tissues with each cannula pass. Sucking the right amount of fat is essential for optimal results.

Regarding breast surgery after liposculpture, it is also quite simple and is considered the best breast surgery without an implant. To perform the transfer, micrografts of the fat obtained in liposuction are used, which are placed behind the mammary gland and under the skin.

Differences between selective liposculpture and liposculpture

The liposuction involves dissolving excess fat and accumulated in any part of the body, then remove with a cannula for suction effect. Liposuction can be applied to the abdomen, holsters, arms, back, face, waist, etc.

The liposculpture at plastic surgery hospitals in India, meanwhile, uses the different liposuction techniques to model the body, but sometimes, as when the laser used in very small areas, it is not necessary to resort to suction because the body itself reabsorbs excess fat.

The question is, what is selective liposculpture? How is it different from “normal” liposculpture? Basically, once the fat has been extracted, it undergoes a centrifugation and refining process with the latest equipment to select the one with the best quality. Then it is distributed, through microinjections, in other areas of the patient's body such as the breast, buttocks or face.

For whom is this mixed surgery indicated?

The double surgery breast surgery with liposuction fat is beneficial for patients who want to increase their breast size naturally and have a donor area for pre - liposuction fat.

More specifically, selective liposculpture is aimed at women with an endomorphic biotype, that is, women with a tendency to accumulate fat in the legs and hips and who, on the contrary, have a small chest in relation to them.

Advantages of mixed liposculpture surgery with breast augmentation

The liposculpture breast augmentation is one of the treatments fat transfer and body contouring most innovative and one of the best surgeries combined chest, and has meant a revolution because it guarantees asymmetrical corrections of the contour of patients using autologous fat.

For many experts of plastic surgery hospitals in Delhi, combined fat transfer and remodeling treatments are the key to the future of cosmetic surgery. The procedure is elegant, aesthetic and gives a natural appearance, uniting the aesthetic benefits of a breast augmentation with those of a liposculpture. It is estimated that millions of women around the world will be able to benefit from them.