What could be worse when young children get sick, especially if it comes to such a terrible ailment as a brain tumor in a child. This disease is known as brain cancer as a result of the division of brain cells and nearby tissues, but not everything is as simple with this disease as it might seem at first glance.


What is the reason?

It is believed that brain tumors in children are formed as a result of the division of unripe cells. As a result, they begin to grow vigorously and can involve tissues and areas of the brain located close to them in the growth process.

How to recognize a disease?

As a rule, it is not difficult to recognize a brain tumor in children; you need to carefully monitor your baby and pay attention to his complaints. In the early stages, the disease manifests itself as follows:

·        Nausea

·        Frequent headaches (maybe episodic)

·    Vomiting (may occur suddenly as a result of severe headaches and is not always accompanied by nausea)

·        Apathetic behavior of the child

·        Giving up your favorite activities

·        Fatigue

·        Lack of appetite

·        Swelling of the fontanel cavity (up to 3 years in a child, the so-called fontanel can generally overgrow)

Stuffy ears

It is worth noting that a brain tumor in children often does not appear immediately, since before the first signs appear, it is necessary that it grows. This feature has a negative effect on treatment since often a lot of time is wasted. In particular, a child may be slowed down in development, psychomotor problems may appear, memory and hearing impairment, decrease in pain threshold, etc.

In addition, with compression of the cerebellum, a manifestation of a symptom such as cramps in a brain tumor is possible. In addition, cramps in brain tumors can vary in severity and duration of the course. In addition, seizures of one or a group of several muscles can be distinguished.

Is it possible to prevent a disease before its formation?

There are many myths about the occurrence of brain cancer and, of course, they all have a fair share of truth, but there is also an official position of cancer treatment hospitals that dictates what cannot and what to do to reduce the risk of a child’s disease, including:

·        Complete cessation of smoking and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages

·        Reduction in the amount of cholesterol consumed in the body (limitation of "bad" food)

·        Healthy lifestyle

·        Compliance with the correct mode of work and rest

·        Timely treatment of infectious diseases

·        Direct exposure to direct sunlight

·        Stress management

·        Reduced time spent in places with increased radiation background

However, it must be understood that the causes of cancer have not yet been thoroughly studied and all of the above is advisory in nature, however, there is plenty of evidence that, given all this, the risk of such a disease is significantly reduced. So, brain cancer is a serious disease with a disappointing prognosis, in most cases. However, parents are the most important link that affects the formation of this disease in a small patient and their healthy lifestyle and compliance with minimum recommendations by cancer treatment hospitals in India will reduce the risk of a tumor by several times.