A child’s disease is the worst thing parents can expect. Moreover, a serious and possibly fatal disease. Given that today most types of cancer are treatable, if you learn about them in the early stages, the so-called on-alertness becomes an essential part of caring for children.

The recommendations below are not medical. Only a qualified doctor of cancer treatment hospital in India can make a diagnosis. But these tips for parents can tell you when to go to the doctor, suspecting something was wrong. Better is an extra visit to the doctor, as a result of which they will simply tell you that you were worried in vain than a belated and difficult diagnosis.

Here are some of the signs that your child may have cancer. The list is far from complete, but the main idea to which it should bring you is the need to constantly monitor the child


A regular headache for no apparent reason (fatigue, trams, etc.) may be evidence of a brain tumor. You should not attribute the child’s headache to weather changes, children are rarely prone to weather dependence.


The child often gets sick and vomits- and his parents drag him around therapists and gastroenterologists. It might be worth considering a visit to an oncologist. Together with the aforementioned headache, vomiting is one of the first symptoms of some types of cancer.

Vision loss

Parents often do not notice that the child began to see worse. Partly, because children themselves rarely complain of visual impairment. And even going to the ophthalmologist and receiving confirmation that vision is falling, parents often attribute this to sitting in front of a computer or playing games on a smartphone. Meanwhile, visual impairment can be a critical symptom of a brain tumor.

Strange walk

Sometimes a child who has already learned to walk suddenly begins to stumble often when walking. Sometimes a child constantly walks with a funny gait, as if portraying a clown or a drunk. And he himself is having fun from this.

Head size

In infants, the bones of the skull are soft, and the head grows in size. That is why pediatricians regularly measure all parameters in infants - to monitor for abnormalities. An unusual increase in head size in an infant may be a sign of a brain tumor.

Prolonged fever

Children often get sick, and with colds, they often have a fever. This is a normal reaction of the body to the disease. It is especially difficult for parents to keep track of such manifestations.

Suspicious Tumors

Children often fall, hit and get into other troubles, fraught with bruises and bruises. However, if you suddenly noticed that the child has an incomprehensible tumor or some kind of lump, although he did not fall, it is worthwhile to see a cancer treatment hospital.

The child often gets tired

Fatigue, weakness, lack of strength are a common symptom of some types of cancer. If you notice that the child has become much worse able to tolerate physical activity, gets tired quickly, is often lethargic and inactive, consult a doctor.

Weight loss

Many forms of cancer are characterized by sharp weight loss - the disease as it eats a person from the inside. This applies to both adults and children. As the child grows, his body weight should only increase. But if you suddenly noticed that the child has lost weight, this should alert you.

Behavior disorder

Tearfulness, moodiness, detachment, isolation, causeless fear - such changes in the behaviour of a child can be manifestations of an emerging disease, most often brain tumours.