Obesity is a disease that is constantly increasing and widespread in all countries of the world. This is a phenomenon caused by unhealthy eating habits, mainly based on the consumption of high-calorie and sugary foods, and a sedentary lifestyle. The instrument is currently most used to define an obese person is the BMI (Body Mass Index). If the result obtained exceeds the value of 30, it is obesity.

As you will know, obesity is a very serious pathology because, in addition to creating weight-related motor complications, it has significant repercussions also on the onset of other chronic diseases, among the most widespread we find: diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and tumors.

Surely if you are interested in bariatric surgery you have most likely already undertaken some weight loss procedures, such as diets, magic pills and other solutions recommended by dieticians and nutritionists, but with poor results, which instead of helping you feel good about your body have done nothing else that worsen the situation.

If, as in your case, traditional methods have not helped to solve the problem, it is possible to undertake a different path of weight loss, certainly more complex and drastic than the other methods that are called bariatric surgery.

The interventions of bariatric surgery in Delhi are different, more or less complex and allow you to lose weight significantly already after surgery. These are mainly gastro-restrictive interventions carried out with the aim of limiting the introduction of food and malabsorbent interventions, the most complex ones, which instead act by reducing food absorption.

Remember, however, that before you undergo bariatric surgery it is necessary to consult medical specialists who will only decide after a thorough evaluation of the clinical picture whether you are eligible for this type of operation. 

Also, we want to emphasize that interventions bariatric surgery does not solve the problem of obesity, because surgery alone is enough indeed not likely to remain an end in itself. If you want to achieve important results and be comfortable with yourself, it is advisable by bariatric surgery hospitals that you begin an important and challenging path of change that you will have to face with seriousness, motivation, and determination.

In addition to the support of prepared external figures, I suggest you pay attention to some advice and behavior to follow before and after the intervention to make this path very effective.

The discomfort, the psycho-physical difficulties and the insecurities that you will find yourself having to face before the intervention could make your path to change much more complex and difficult. In a delicate phase like this, where the risk of doing wrong and failing actions are very high, it can be very helpful for you to support other medical specialists such as psychologists and nutritionists who are able to provide you with valuable advice and the ideal support to face this path of significant change with yourself and effectively.

It will be your awareness of the behaviors to follow, in the possible contraindications and of the fact that it is a path of complex change to help you in this path of change. Only if you are able to put these behaviors into practice immediately and only with your determination, tenacity, awareness, and perseverance will you be able to achieve great improvements.