Now that the cold has really come, we see how physiotherapy consultations are filled with cases of people with low back pain, a muscular pain located in the lower back that usually affects 70% of the adult population at some stage of their life.

Women are more likely to suffer from back pain because "they are cooler" and tend to adopt an incorrect posture. Sedentary lifestyle and obesity are other factors that cause the appearance of this problem. Experts advise to prevent them, you should take care of your diet and exercise regularly.

It is usually customary that, with the arrival of the cold, many people suffer back pain more frequently. And it is that winter is a time prone to the appearance of such discomfort. There are two main reasons: the sudden changes in temperature and the bad postural habits we adopt.

The contrast between outdoor temperatures and very hot environments, where the heating is very high compared to the ambient temperature, is a land paid to suffer back pain. Similarly, air currents are also very harmful, which should be avoided as much as possible.

Along with the changes in temperature, the other factor that explains back pain is that, in the face of the cold, we usually adopt a shrinking posture, especially when going outside. This shrunken posture is a kind of reflex act that causes an overload in the musculature, especially in the neck and lower back, which are usually the most affected areas. It is even more common among women, who tend to be cooler.

How do we get the body to adopt a correct posture? No doubt we should dress properly. The most advisable thing is to wear light clothes, which do not weigh and wear several layers. In this way, we can adapt better to the different temperatures that we can find during the same day. Likewise, it is important to especially shelter the shoulder area. It is highly recommended by orthopaedics surgery hospitals in Delhi to wear a scarf or scarf, which protects the neck.

If we already have pain, we must avoid absolute rest. Contrary to what is usually thought, not moving the painful area is counterproductive. It is also not advisable to take medication to relieve pain without having previously visited the physical therapist or doctor.

Exercise in the central hours of the day, when temperatures are more pleasant. Warm the muscles well before starting. Go well equipped, with the necessary warm clothes. Among the sports most recommended by orthopaedics surgery hospitals in India to avoid back pain is swimming, which can be practiced in heated pools during the winter months.

Finally, there is nothing more effective in counteracting our back pain than fighting a sedentary lifestyle, exercising regularly and taking care of our diet. A recommended activity is to walk at least half an hour daily. If we practice a sport, both good warming and being well equipped in the cold are essential. In this aspect, one of the most effective practices to prevent or treat back pain is swimming, which can also be practiced in heated pools.