The lip filler is a treatment that for a large number of people around the world has now become a must that cannot be renounced. The appointment by the aesthetic doctor for the so-called puncture to the lips is a ritual that must be respected in the right times and ways, but the result obtained deserves this small sacrifice.

The success of the lip filler is due to a series of reasons that make it a safe, fast, and non-invasive treatment. Taking for granted that nothing good can be achieved if you rely on an unqualified and inexperienced doctor, the most reliable and most effective substance for this type of filler is hyaluronic acid.

Lips to heart and with a perfect and harmonious shape, this is the desire of many women who, instead, by nature, have lips that are too thin that make the face severe. The sensuality of a well-defined mouth is undeniable. And it is for this reason that we try to enhance this vital part of the face, through the use of fillers with hyaluronic acid. But there are many cases in which, it is not with the increase in volume that a good result is obtained, especially when the upper lip is fragile.

Cosmetic surgery hospitals in India offer a very correct procedure for this purpose, with an operation called Lip Lift, thanks to which it is possible to obtain an increase in the volume of the upper lip naturally and definitively. The Lip Lift consists in the removal of a small portion of skin tissue at the base of the nose that allows an eversion of the upper lip and a decrease in the length of the prolabio, i.e., of the area between nose and mouth.

The operation lasts about 45 minutes under local anesthesia with sedation and requires a particularly precise surgical technique that only an experienced surgeon can have. The stitches are removed after about a week and the post-operative scar will become almost invisible in a short time.

The lip lift not only improves the shape of the mouth but rejuvenates the entire face, allowing a more harmonious smile with correct exposure of the teeth and with greater visibility of the vermilion. The negative aspect of the Lip Lift is that it is not suitable for everyone without distinction, because there are certain essential physical characteristics to be able to obtain an improvement with this operation, such as the excessive length of the prolabium and the poor visibility of the upper incisors.

To plan an eventual intervention of Lip Lift, it is fundamental a specialist visit from an experienced cosmetic surgery hospital, and if the professional gives his approval, then it is good to hope to have more sensual and youthful lips. The lip filler, if well-executed can provide excellent personalized results depending on the patient's needs.